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This is part of a series of pages that explain my services (healing methods) in greater detail. I hope you find them helpful. If you have any questions that these pages do not answer, feel free to write me and I will answer you as soon as I can.

Soul Portrait –

A Soul Portrait is a 45-minute session Touch Drawing healing session, wherein Deborah enters a sacred space—channeling information from your higher self and your personal guides.


This information is translated into a collection of pictures; containing symbols, characters, or other relevant images. As a part of the session, the transmission of messages will be communicated to you.  Images will be provided to you for personal embellishment or meditation. 

From this group of pictures, one picture will be selected to be further embellished by Deborah—adding color to tell a story meant to guide and heal. The embellishment of the pictures takes additional time outside of the initial 45-minute session.

Recipients have reported holistic healing as a result of messages and symbols from the portraits. This is a special holistic healing.





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