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What is Adventures in Parenting?

Would you like to enjoy being a parent and caregiver?

Would you like to have more energy in your life?

Adventures in Parenting uses a combination of successful and researched practices including Positive Discipline. Deborah believes caregivers want the best for their children. Parents, caregivers, and children want to feel respected and connected. 

Using Positive Discipline principles and tools, Adventures in Parenting sessions support families to solve struggles, communicate effectively, problem-solve solutions, and help children learn life skills. An emphasis on being kind and firm with a focus on solutions is one of the building blocks for this individualized system. The intention is to build respectful supportive relationships extending from the sessions to home, school, and beyond. 

Adventures in Parenting is a series of gatherings with parents and caregivers designed to introduce relevant topics, develop skills, and provide a safe place to explore solutions to your family's needs. Parents Supporting Parents (PSP) is an important part of each gathering. In the PSP process, parents and caregivers pool resources to help and support each other to problem solve their own family concerns. The results are powerful and helpful.

What sets this training apart?

In her practice, Deborah combines studies and training with the knowledge that this really works. When Deborah started teaching preschool, she discovered she needed to do things differently. Positive Discipline was at the beginning of that journey. Since then she has continued to integrate all of her learning and life experiences, including parenting, into developing programs to support children and their families. Out of this passion, Adventures in Parenting was born.


Individual coaching sessions with Deborah are also available.

**Your registration reserves your participation in this workshop. The payment is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, your payment may be transferable to a future workshop**

Presented by Deborah Radcliff, M.Ed. RMT
Founder & Director at Creatigo, LLC.

Deborah Radcliff, M.Ed., RMT, is the owner of Creatigo, LLC. From the traditional sphere, Deborah has a Master’s in Education, B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies, and is a certified Special Educator of K-12. Her career in teaching and in education administration provides a foundation for her collaborative work with children, caregivers, and teachers. Holistically, Deborah is a Shaman Practitioner, a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Level Instructor, Aromatherapist, Akashic Record Practitioner, and Theta Healer.

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