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Children and Family Are Important at Creatigo


At Creatigo, we believe in a model that is educational, therapeutic, and holistic. Rather than trying to "fix" the child through diagnosis and mainstreaming, we focus on the children as they exist within their families, schools, communities, and world. It matters to us that kids are set up for happy, successful lives and that their families are, too. Often, when kids are diagnosed with learning differences, families—including the child's sibling(s)—experience stress. We strive to support all of your family members.

Our point of focus won't be singular to the child's diagnosis or issues; it will be comprehensive, connecting the child (and you!) to the many wonderful, realistic possibilities that exist for happiness and success throughout each stage of life. Creatigo offers Adventures in Parenting for caregivers. For more information check here.

In addition to individual holistic and educational services, we provide playshops. The purpose of the playshops is to enhance and further support the students’ development of various thinking skills, including creativity, big picture thinking, synthesis, pattern recognition, innovation, and strategic awareness. They are designed to provide children with opportunities to explore their passions in fields outside of ‘normal’ academic learning, like creative arts, emotions, chakras, crystals, dream circles, essential oils, gardening, music, and holistic classes. 






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