What is a Playshop?

Wait....what is a playshop?
Words matter....literally. What feeling do you get when you say or hear the word "playshop" vs. "workshop?" I'm guessing that you feel a little younger and more open to things when using the word "playshop" instead of "workshop." Creatigo chooses to use the most positive and helpful words we can find to make sure that whatever you're learning, you feel safe and respected, the vibe is positive, and you can focus on curiosity and having fun. Human beings learn better in this kind of environment.


Using the help of carefully crafted playshops, Creatigo allows the imagination to come alive, marrying the creative and logical sides of the brain, allowing deeper access to inner wisdom and solutions. (Creatigo recognizes) These methods are not meant to replace allopathic medicine or traditional school but to enhance or add to them.

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