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At Creatigo, we believe:

  • In order to grow and heal as people (at any age), we need to learn in a fun, safe, and curious environment

  • That there is so much more to know about our world, different cultures, and each other that would help us to solve problems.

  • Helping each other as a community gives us the best odds of survival and a greater likelihood of thriving.

Embelished Soul Portrait by DJR

Creatigo, LLC
In the simplest terms, Creatigo is a community center for the whole family.  Our focus is on three areas: wellness, discovery, and connection

Wellness: We support wellness by offering a variety of holistic healing services, sound healing, child and family coaching sessions, and certifications in healing specialties such as Integrated Energy Therapy® and Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki. 

Discovery: We develop programs or "playshops" that encourage critical thinking, creativity, and self-discovery. These programs, such as Adventures in Parenting, art and movement classes, endeavor to make learning or exercising fun and engaging, even when we might not feel like it or are dealing with difficult subjects. Our playshops address subjects like parenting, how to love ourselves better, how to dig more deeply into who we are, how to strengthen relationships, and how to adopt healthier coping mechanisms and habits. 

Connection: We encourage connection with nature and the SE New England community members. We foster connection by offering a safe space and learning environment where children of all ages, their parents, caregivers, and members of the community can learn together and from each other. We extend our connection by offering our services by being a resource to community organizations,

Individual and Group Sessions 

Creatigo offers individual sessions, group sessions, and a variety of classes in person or virtual. Adventures in Parenting Series, Touch Drawing, Theta Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy™ (IET), Reiki, Akashic Record Reading, Card/energy reading, and Shamanic/spiritual counseling sessions. Creatigo continues to develop new programs, services, and packages. We will be offering children and young adult groups in the new year. 

 Sessions by appointment, face-to-face or distance. Please contact us for any personal queries.

642  East Ave, Suite B, (on the corner of East Ave and Tillinghast Ave, Behind Dunkin')

 Warwick, R.I., 02886





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