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Holistic Healing, Playgroups and Certifications

Inner Creative

CreatIgo offers a variety of Holistic Healing Services (click here), 

Workshops/Playgroups (click here), and Certifications (click here).

      CreatIgo is built on the philosophy that people can discover a new way of looking at and interacting with the world. This new way of opening up possibilities that were previously not available helps us live the life we were meant to live - with passion, integrity, respect, and connection with nature and our higher selves. This is done through one-on-one healing, “playgroups,” and programming focusing on these principles.


     CreatIgo endeavors to help people trust themselves, look inside for answers (tap into their inner wisdom) by using play, creativity, and Multi-disciplinary healing methods, and thus be their most authentic selves. The result is that this person will have more energy, live in the present moment, be aligned with their values, and be able to navigate the flow of life. 

Fairy Houses
IET Steps to Transformation
Crystal Class

What is a Playgroup?

What is a Playgroup?

Playing is an important part of life,

no matter how old you are.

Wait....what is a playgroup?
Words matter....literally. What feeling do you get when you say or hear the word "playgroup" vs. "workshop?" I'm guessing that you think of a bunch of young people playing. Fun, games, imagination, discovery, and relaxation are all parts of playing. We are more open to new things. We can be curious and naturally bring the creative and logical sides of the brain together. Allowing deeper access to inner wisdom and solutions.

Playing is an important part of life, no matter how old you are. When we get older playing looks different. Adults change the word "play" to hobby, sports (golf, soccer, basketball), and other games. Sometimes people forget to play, they forget what is fun. During the last couple of years, it has been harder to remember. Let us help you remember.


At Creatigo, we value our playgroups.  While you have fun learning, we want you to feel safe and respected.  (Creatigo recognizes) These methods are not meant to replace allopathic medicine or traditional school but to enhance or add to them.

Ready? Register for a playgroup here.





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