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Is Everything Online Now? The Benefit of Building Relationships in Person

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Ever since the pandemic, many services moved online, and many have stayed that way. I would like to make the case for face-to-face interactions. Yes me, a homebody and introvert who loves to be home -- and often alone. However, being isolated during the pandemic proved to me and many others that humans crave connection with others (preferably in person) and physical touch like the hugs most of us missed.

For me, doing things in person gives me the push I need to get out of the house and get things done or enjoy an outing with a friend. Even going for a drive or talking to someone at the grocery store can lift my spirits and take my mind off of the persistent ruminating in my brain. Communicating online or hearing someone’s voice over the phone are wonderful ways to connect for meetings or get in touch with faraway relatives. But they don’t often lead to the same intimacy as being in person does. In person, you can read the expression on someone’s face and no one can shut their camera off to hide.

Why do I bring this up? Because there is a benefit to meeting or learning in person and Creatigo’s mission has always been to build community. One cannot compare the experience of being in an in-person learning environment with a real-life teacher and of being able to feel and sense the energy of a crystal -- to looking up the meaning of its properties online. I feel this despite understanding the amazing resource the internet is, and frankly wish I had it when writing papers as a young adult.

What you can’t get by looking up Reiki hand positions online is the experience of a teacher who’s been practicing their craft and building knowledge for years. Someone that can look you in the eye when an uncomfortable feeling comes up, perhaps putting a hand on your shoulder. One cannot experience the full effect of having your peers rally around you when you aren't feeling that confident about practicing reiki on a new person. Or in a general sense, one can’t learn who in the group needs a special chair because they have back pain, or laugh with someone who dropped their cupcake on their shirt.

I’ve experienced that kind of intimacy myself, participating in a nine-month "Creatigo Healing Method®" certification, with intensive energy-healing training. I’ve grown very close to the participants in my group and experienced the brilliance of Debbee as a teacher, how she explains energy, how she encourages our intuition, and tells funny stories that help the information make sense. Debbee sees you as an individual with a unique learning style and incorporates her 35 years of experience as a special educator and administrator into her teaching style. I’ve experienced how Debbee interacts with kids, making them giggle and also feel comfortable sharing with a group.

I've experienced relationship-building and vulnerable sharing while leading playgroups at Creatigo, and watched mothers and daughters passing glue guns around in a crowded space while chatting with each other. I'm here to tell you that seeing the face of a young girl using a smudging (gratitude) feather to clear their mother’s energy field can’t be replicated. Nor can listening to the story of the fairy that lives in the house a grandmother just built, or the pride of a girl showing off their cleverly built chair in her fairy house.

Creatigo is committed to creating this type of magic in our community and developing programs that foster learning and building relationships. Many playgroups are of little or no cost because, while we believe our services and skills have value, we also want to make sure there is no barrier to accessing healing services and community building.

On that note, Heidi, an energy healing practitioner and member of the Creatigo community, is now offering a guided meditation most Friday nights. Meditating in a space with others, you can feel the group energy, and if you need that motivation (like I do) it’s helpful to know Heidi is there holding the space for us. That Creatigo is here, holding space for community.

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Debbee Radcliff
Debbee Radcliff
12 giu 2023

Thank you, Elaine for capturing our experiences at Creatigo!

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