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Purpose and Passion: My Journey to a New Career in Healing with CreaIgo - by Elaine Bellenoit

I’ve been on an amazing journey since I left the "normal," full-time workforce. I had sacrificed enough and worked hard enough that I finally had a good job that paid me enough to survive. But I was molding myself to the workplace rather than creating my version of work, and as a result, was pretty miserable. When I left it was in early 2021 during the pandemic. 

I always loved writing and art but I was told that any artistic career is too hard to get into and that I would not make any money (you know the starving artist trope). I was given that advice from well-meaning people but being a shy person, without a cheerleading squad and a lot of help, I didn’t even want to try. Let’s face it, unfortunately, we are taught in our society that it’s easier to just make yourself fit in than to make waves.  

I had heard a quote many years ago by Anaïs Nin that became stuck in my soul… “It takes courage to push yourself to places you have never been before... to test your limits... to break through barriers. And the day came when the risk it took to stay tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Well, I had reached the point that staying tight in the bud was becoming very painful. It was time to make some waves. I had a lot of growing to do though. I was a very sensitive child growing up and didn’t have the type of upbringing that helped me develop a thick skin. I had no concept of how to protect myself or set boundaries for myself. Despite being on the path of self-improvement, I was still very depressed and repressed. 

So I went to work every day, feeling miserable and not having time to do any of the things I loved. I was a single parent and was not the type that could handle a full-time job while also trying to build a career on the side and take care of my daughter.

Anyway, this journey led me to rediscover the people who were questioning the status quo and take workshops that woke up that part of me that had been dormant for some time. You see, though I was a shy and depressed child, I had some rebel in me. And I had been driven to find and live as my authentic self for a long time. But I let the world herd me back into my stupor instead of breaking out of it.  

After meeting this group of people who were on the path of self-discovery, many of them somehow involved in CreatIgo, I was fired up again. But it wasn’t easy. It took two years to shed many of the beliefs that had kept me from breaking out in the first place.  

My new tribe of people wanted to see me succeed, they believed more in cooperation than in competition and helped me face scary feelings and traumas to grow. They’ve been by my side easing the loneliness of the pandemic and life in general, and have encouraged me to take the leap and act on my passion to build a new career. 

So I took the leap, worked past many limiting beliefs, and became an energy practitioner. At CreatIgo, I was also encouraged to use my art and writing skills to design playgroups that incorporate those skills to help people discover their authentic selves and be in alignment with their values. I’ve always had the desire to help others and to keep growing and healing myself so I think I’ve landed in the right place. 

I found out how much I enjoy building community and working with kids. To help prepare me, I completed the 9-month long course (CreatIgo Healing Method™) taught by Deborah Radcliff, which included two intensive weekends to become certified as both a Reiki Master and an Intermediate Level Integrated Energy Therapy® practitioner. In this course, we also learned about archetypes and studied aromatherapy, crystals, spirit guides, and divination. All of it was accomplished within an intimate, safe setting where bonds were naturally built between participants. All these participants are part of my tribe today.

I’ve committed to working with CreatIgo because I believe CreatIgo is realizing the goal of building a safe space for self-discovery and development. It aims to offer an innovative curriculum for all ages to have fun, discover things about themselves, interact with others, and build relationships. I feel this is critically important to healing common traumas and preparing people to live engaged, joyful, positive, and meaningful lives. With a strong foundation, we can face the issues of the world with strength and resilience. 

Since I began working with CreatIgo, I’ve participated in community events and have helped expand programming that advances the goals and principles of CreatIgo.

I am gaining a deep understanding of how to be a more authentic, useful part of the community that treats myself and others with kindness. I’ve learned to validate myself, to believe in my worth, and to make my life more meaningful and joyful. And I want to help others do the same.

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